Dominic Magirr

Medical Statistician



I’m a medical statistician interested in the design, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials.

Specific research interests include:

  • group sequential trials
  • multiple hypothesis testing
  • adaptive designs
  • survival analysis

Since February 2020 I have been working in the Statistical Methodology Group at Novartis in Basel.

Recent Posts

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A stratified log-rank test does not control alpha for a marginal null hypothesis and that's ok

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Multiple imputation without a specialist R package

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Landmark/Milestone analysis under a Royston-Parmar flexible parametric survival model using the R package flexsurv

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That'll do: simulated annealing instead of maths

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Recent & Upcoming Talks

Generalizing boundaries for triangular designs, and efficacy estimation at extended follow-ups

In this talk I delved into some of the history of John Whitehead’s Triangular Test. The context was a mulit-arm trial of several …

Group-sequential and adaptive designs in immuno-oncology

Here I talk about designing a clinical trial for an immuno-oncology endpoint where we expect a delay in the seperation of the survival …

Small trials, historical data. Methods and software for decision making.

Quite often, single-arm studies in early-phase oncology are criticized because they lead to false positives. Here, I wanted to point …